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Buy the way:

    If you are a foreign customers, whether you're in any place, you can purchase the company's products by mail order approach, as long as your remittance credentials and specific consignee information by fax, you can receive the goods in 2-5 days. Of course, you can also directly to the company to buy the product! But it's really a lot of mail order benefits, not only can save you time and energy, but also can save travel very considerable! Perhaps you will worry about money out not things, or to receive something for a long time, or the receipt of a thing is not what you need. This is perhaps every purchase products by mail order people are worried, we need to tell you is, we are a very formal company, is worth your trust! On receipt of mail order your credentials, we will test the you purchased the product, after appropriate package sent to you once!

Mail order program:

To obtain product information or internet access to the relevant product introduction, if have not clear place, please contact us by phone or email, has determined to buy the product type and price, you can press the bottom of remittance (recommended to use wire transfer), after the remittance will remittance receipt and a copy of the receipt of your detailed information (address, zip code, telephone, consignee, to buy the product name and number) and billing information (name, address, telephone, tariff opening bank and account) fax to!

The following is a basic bank account only for corporate users, individual user please post office remittance or contact the sales personnel.

Remittance Name: Shenzhen blueinvent Electronics Co. Ltd.

Bank of Shenzhen Lily branch

Account number: 400005303910010981


Two dimensional bar code scanning payment:

If still have what doubt please according to the following method and contact us!

Telephone: (0755) 26508810 Fax: (0755) 26508810

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