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  Shenzhen blueInvent Electronics Co., Ltd. is Bluetooth hands-free Bluetooth module, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Car, steering wheel, Bluetooth hands-free products such as professional production and processing companies, has a complete, scientific quality management system. Shenzhen blue electronic limited company's good faith, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome all friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Our company is a professional engaged in the application of Bluetooth technology solutions for professional supplier, the company was founded in 2002, after a few years of development, after continuously absorb the industry elite, has a strong development team.

The company spirit of together with the customer growth concept, is committed to providing professional solutions for customers, products and technology support, create more profit space for customer.

The strategic objective of the company is: innovation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, the customer is supreme, satisfied with the service.

Our partners: CSR, Taiwan year, Singapore Excelpoint Corporation.

Our business strategy: 1, the application of Bluetooth solution 2, according to customer needs, customized development related Bluetooth products.

Our development goal: strive to become the industry's technology, quality, service leader.

Our pursuit: customer design quality products in a short time.

Now the IT market is the 'first known hero', Bluetooth technology is a new main now IT circles, who is the first to enter the market who would make a profit.

Over the years, our company developed many kinds of Bluetooth products, including the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth hands-free, Bluetooth, Bluetooth virtual serial port module, Bluetooth module.

The Bluetooth module provides the UART communication protocol, MCU can be accessed through the UART protocol to control the Bluetooth module, the realization of Bluetooth, Bluetooth hands-free Bluetooth hands-free, realize the keyboard dialing, phone book download, indicating the Bluetooth signal strength, call the TTS broadcast function, the DSP speech synthesis and other functions, (Software by much home company test validation OK), welcome calls to negotiate.

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