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Program / Application Software Engineer

Job description:

1 responsible for supporting MCU application program development and customer technical;

2 responsible for the research and development of various design reference scheme;

3 responsible for the relevant design demand plan, detailed documentation;

Position requirements:

1 electronic related professional bachelor degree or above, 2 years related experience;

2 good English reading ability;

3 master MCU development, has the rich experience of project product, wireless charging solutions, giving priority to the development of frequency conversion scheme;

4 skilled use of Protel, PCB and other drawing tools, circuit board layout experience, with experience of Layout power supply or wireless products is preferred;

5 good communication, good at learning, hard work, has the team cooperation spirit.

Sales Engineer

Job description: 1, responsible for the sales and promotion of company products;

2, according to marketing plan, complete the departmental sales index;

3, to develop new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;

Collect and analysis the competition 4, responsible for market information;

5, planning and implementation of sales activities in the responsible territory, complete the sales task.

Qualifications 1, college degree or above, electronic related major;

2, 2 years of consumer IC sales experience, with a mobile phone, tablet and mobile charging Po Market chip sales experience, engineering background is preferred;;

3, outgoing personality, quick response, good ability of expression, has the strong communication ability and communication skills, with the affinity;

4, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

5, there is a sense of responsibility, can work under pressure

Full-time accounting / Finance Specialist

Job responsibilities.

1, the company's overall accounting treatment.

Audit and accounting treatment 2, expense reimbursement;

3, the current account check and invoice receipt and other matters;

4, financial managers and other superiors arrange matters.


1, the financial and accounting professional college degree or above, with accounting certificate;

In 2, one year above related working experience, will handle most of the company daily business accounting;

Treatment 3, familiar with accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax law, as well as the basic analysis of financial statements, skilled use financial software; have related working experience in electronic company is preferred.

4, good learning ability, independent work ability and financial analysis ability;

5, work is meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit.

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